Letter Writing

I will get straight to the point. I love letters. I love handwritten notes. I feel life is incomplete without them. While I love the charm of social media, letters have always had a special place in my heart. Letter writing is so under-rated. It feels like something that existed ages ago.

The feel of your favorite pen moving in motions, a proof of what you are thinking right in front of your eyes and finally your knuckles hurting with all the writing. I have been a huge fan of letters and hand written notes. And I wish to share a glimpse of some true, some fictional letters here.

The very first one will be for my mother without who I would be nothing, nowhere.

Letter 1 :: Dear Amma

Dear Amma

My first letter has to be to you. Because there is so much you do and not so many times I have thanked you. I realize now that I can never really thank you enough. How can you thank another human who selflessly took all the trouble to bring you to this world, raise you, stand by you and be your ever-existing support system? It’s a 24/7 job and you excelled at it. I am stumped at least some part of me is. 

I will need to hold on to your hands forever.

Thank you – these words will never be enough. But I am glad they invented it Amma, it’s better than saying nothing. So, thank you for choosing me, day in, day out, every single day over the years. No one else would have done that.

They say that with every passing day, we become more like our mothers. It would be wishful to think this to be true.

You will always be divinity walking the earth for me. I need you to know that.

Black and white mother and daughter holding hands. Helping hands.

PC: Google Images

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