Letter Series :: No -longer Friend

This one is for friends who have come and gone, few who have vanished into thin air , rest who maintain a superficial connect. To them and more…

Dear No-Longer-Friend

I know that you and I do not exist like how we did with each other many moons ago. You changed. I did too. And we both chose to walk very different paths. I need you to know that I wish you well. That on some rare days when I at my lowest low, I think of the time we spent laughing at random jokes, making fun of strangers and eating our favorite food with no care in the world.

There was a time we held on to each other’s secrets and yours are still safe with me. I don’t know this for sure, but I feel that you think of me too and I wonder what is it that you think about me.

I have an urge to know more but I do not pursue it, so I let my imagination run wild. I know you do this too. You and I are so similar yet so different. We know each other a little too well. Probably that’s a reason we are walking different paths. Sometimes too much knowing is not good for us.

I hope to meet you someday, some place for I know one thing for sure – the roads that diverge may also merge someday.

This isn’t a hope, it isn’t a wish. It is only me being pragmatic because you know me; if you do, you will understand.

With love always,

Once a closest Friend

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