Letter Series :: Dear Acha

Today seems to be an apt day to share a letter for you and all fathers out there. Thank you for being my super hero so many times. I am sure that is exactly how many children feel about their fathers.

Dear Acha

I remember when I was young, there never was a single wish that you didn’t fulfil and now that I am an adult, I realize how incredibly difficult that must have been. You don’t have to be a parent to understand a parent’s sacrifices, you just have to grow up and it dawns on you all at once or one fine day, however the universe wishes you to learn and understand this.

I wish I hadn’t grown up, and I wish time would have stopped at some point like a pause button, in some memory; we have so many.

The on-the-spot long drives, unplanned vacations, me running away from a glass of milk, you teaching me how to tie my shoe lace, you recording us every time we would be up to some new mischief, you being a kitchen magician once a while- the list is endless . It feels like an ethereal part of some story.

And if that’s what it is, I am so blessed to have lived that story with you, to have walked a few miles together holding your hand. Thank you for being my pillar, today and always.

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