Letter Series : Friend- who – stayed

So often we do not realize the value of the ones who have stayed in our lives. They have been with us through so much and we fail to tell them how much that means to us, they are so much a part of our being – making our everyday lives a little better, more bearable. For all such friends, here is a letter for you.

Dear Friend-Who-Stayed

You are here. With me. Through so many years now. Have I told you how much that means to me? No, I haven’t and I have no excuse. So, let me tell you now. I thank god that I have this person I can be myself with.  The one I can call up to vent, cry, laugh or crack stupid jokes with. Someone who won’t judge me knowing very well the love for disasters I contain in my everyday chronicles. You and only you will know my deepest fears and yet love me just the same.

You are my fun-partner and my shoulder-to-cry-on. Everything with you has been so easy that for the longest time I never realized it myself that this is what having a constant companion feels like. Thank you for making me realize this.

 Thank you for staying and not doing a disappearing act on me; I do hope you stay forever. Also, you won’t have a choice; there is no going back from here. So, good-luck!

Your grateful friend always

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