Letter Series :: Soul Sisters

This letter is dedicated to friends we call soul-sisters. Female friendship has so many beautiful layers to it and the one most real, most sublime yet existing in peaceful love and harmony is this. Most of my female friends would be easily able to relate for we all have our gang of dependable girls always. I cannot be thankful for having these gems in my life. For all female friendships, soul sisters…

Dear Soul-Sister

You, finally. And me. I have often felt that we should migrate to another planet and live by ourselves. It would be perfect. You and I together, we are. In that moment of perfect bliss, I imagine us talking non-stop, sharing stories on repeat mode and never getting tired. We would cook, play, read and sleep and when it gets tiring, we would do it all over again with laughter echoing all around us. And neither of us would regret it for a moment. No questions asked, no judgements, just a lot of open love and total understanding. That’s the beauty of us.

I remember how gracefully you walked into my life or maybe it wasn’t so; it was just you being your unadulterated, raw, honest self and in that, there was a space where I felt safe. I don’t know how you manage to walk into my life at any moment and you know exactly the right thing to say – nothing changes between us; not the distance, the years. Time stands still; it’s almost magical, having you around. And even when we aren’t connected, I know that ours is a rare form of love. Our stories are never ending from childhood to womanhood and that is so precious.  I wish they had a special planet for soul-sisters, it is definitely something the world is missing.

Lovingly forever annoyingly yours

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