Letter Series :: For a lover who never-was

This one is written for a lover and a love that was not. For all those unrequited love stories which hold a special place in our hearts, hidden somewhere in locked memories, waiting for the day to be set free.

Dear Lover-Who-Never-Was

Where do I even begin? I have memory flashes that makes me lose touch with the reality I am living and the one I thought I would create. More often than not, I find myself thinking about what-if. At times laughing at some old jokes, at times reading something you had once written trying to decipher more what-if’s.  You know how dangerous that is. I hate it too and I know you would too. I wish you had stayed. I wish I could coax you to stay but neither of this happened. Some may blame destiny. You and I won’t, or will we?

Maybe you will blame me and maybe I will look at the stars shining down on me and think of you with a mix of sadness, regret, love and kindness. That is a lot of emotion to process but that is what it is. I will cherish all that you brought into my life, you were a breath of fresh air my soul was craving for and with you, I witnessed the stories, the music, the laughter and the magic – all of which remains etched in me.

Thank you for teaching me to love the starry nights. For that and so much more, I owe you. Always.


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