Letter Series :: Fellow traveler

This one is for fellow-travelers we meet; some stay in touch for years and some may not but what is important is that they come into your life at the time you probably need them and they seem like a sweet, secret gift from the angels . For all those friends, this letter is for you.

Dear Fellow Traveler turned Friend

There are so many people we meet in our lives, maybe hundreds or thousands of other humans but you have touched me and known me in ways no one else has – not my close friends, not my family, just no one. I think it is because we have shared so much with each other; shredding all inhibitions, talking to our hearts content, sharing ideas, thoughts, philosophies, cultures, stories – the list is endless. I think you will always know the side to me which will exclusively be reserved for you. It is like finding love in the most uncertain friendships, that is what we find in fellow travelers – love for life, the zest to know more, the humility to accept situations and the grace to share a story with a stranger only to realize that someone who you may probably never meet again in this lifetime has struck a chord with you so deep that even the memory is nothing but pure treasure making you smile on your saddest days.  

I have been fortunate to meet so many amazing people during my travel, some even felt god-sent at an opportune time. It is a magical experience to be able discover pure friendships in uncertain times, what makes it even more special are the memories that are etched in your hearts forever.

I think of you often my traveler, sometimes when I sip a glass of tea or maybe a glass of wine, for you will always be the one I would love to share the next story with. And I pray that the dreams you shared with me come true, all of it for all of you. Till we meet again…

Your crazy-desi girl always

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