Letter Series :: Delivery – Person

This is the last one in my Letter Series. And this letter is dedicated to the delivery boys and girls who do an outstanding job in these unprecedented times bringing a smile to our faces. To them who have done their jobs putting their lives in danger, this one is for them.

Dear Delivery-Person

Someone should have named you Happiness-Delivery you know? Every time my door- bell rings, I jump in excitement knowing that something special I ordered has finally reached my doorstep.  The little girl in me squeaks in excitement but only in my mind. For when I open the door, I thank you politely and then you are gone. I am left with the parcel and monetarily all else is forgotten.

I am sorry about that. I know it’s not easy to do what you do. I know that your job now is much more demanding and riskier with a pandemic around us. I am sorry that I never told you what a special job you do. I need to tell you now – Thank you so much for bringing a smile on so many faces. All of us owe you.

Someone who didn’t thank you enough.

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