Book Review :: Love in Tsunami

Love in Tsunami is the very first book I read by the author, Ashok Ferry. Ashok Ferry is a Sri Lankan author, he has written 5 books till date and all of them have been nominated for Sri Lanka’s Gratiaen Prize or its State Literary Award. As I flipped the pages of this short story, I realized why he would have garnered the nominations and awards.

The author’s style of writing is candid, real and above all funny. I don’t recall the last time I read a short story and having to keep the book aside to just laugh. He has this rare ability to add humor in his daily observations and characters. In fact, he himself makes an appearance in one of the short stories as a dead author who comes back to life albeit to his own embarrassment. The title story itself is quite an interesting take on a couple, on hope and betrayal with unexpected ending, leaving the reader with a bitter-sweet taste. Very few authors could manage to gather in multiple emotions in different stories coupled in one book!

Some stories in the book are poignant but more importantly, you do end up giving credit to the author for his acute observation and narrative style and takes a very interesting perspective on social comedy.

I can safely say this is a book I can go to for a quick read on a long hard day, just some soothing music and any of these short stories. I am keen to check out Ashok Ferry’s other books too now and I would recommend you to do so as well. After all, a good, easy, happy read is a must-have.

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