Navratri 2021 – An ode to the divine

Navratri is one of my favorite festivals. I feel a strong connection with the feminine divine energy and believe that it is one of the most auspicious time of the year. Growing up, Navratri was also special as it held and still holds a great significance for students and artists alike.

Last year I had dedicated an ode by writing a poem describing the form of Devi or the color associated with that day. The 9 days signify 9 different colors and 9 different form of the Goddesses, holding spiritual significance.  

This year however, I battled briefly with myself on what to write. I spent few days staring at my laptop after which both my eyes and heart ached. For what seemed like nothing less than a miracle, finally the words decided to flow and here is what they look like.

The cosmos wavered in a stillness, unwavering yet imploring

The breeze swayed gently, softly kissing the buds yet to bloom

The amalgamation of dusk and dawn bestowed the universe, a motion of sublimity

This dance evoked every sensory rhythm in my body, playing a mellifluous tune

Amongst all this she resides in resplendent glory,

The sun illuminating her very being,

The universe bowing down to her stature,

Her gentle eyes seeing all, and her aura spread across,

Grateful for her existence and exuberance that shines on,

The divine energy to which I humbly bow,

She resides in you, within you; in me, within me.

She is divinity in motion.

Creator of all creations.

Mother of all.

Colossal energy.


PC: Google Images

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