Ball of Fire

Emotional investment, if one sided is like playing with a ball of fire. You won’t know when it will burn you, if it will or maybe it won’t and if it does then how severe would the burns be? Would your scathe yourself or would a part of you burn to the point of no … More Ball of Fire

In my head

In my head, you and I never parted ways, In my head,you and I have no secrets left to unearth in a maze. In my head, you and I have bared our souls In my head, we are watching the sunset holding on to tiny rays of hope In my head, we are laughing so … More In my head

Love in Completion

One powerful emotion that keeps one going on all days is “love” – love in hope, love during tough days, love when things look bleak, love when life looks beautiful- a little surrender, a bigger dream nestling deep inside.Love : in friendships, for a lover, family, love for what you do, love for nature, love … More Love in Completion

Bleeding through Art

The wounds that caused your heart to bleed, The one that stung at your heartstrings, At that moment let art be your resonance of peace. Bleed through your papers, your words, your art, your soul. Let art be your release, Not another person, Never may you bleed on another being.

The fraction

I don’t recall the exact fraction you ceased to exist. Was it the minute I pulled away from your embrace or was it when I was staring at nothingness, hoping what I felt wasn’t true. You did cease to exist though in a manner that the waves crashes towards shore, rushing to touch one another. … More The fraction