Letter Writing

I will get straight to the point. I love letters. I love handwritten notes. I feel life is incomplete without them. While I love the charm of social media, letters have always had a special place in my heart. Letter writing is so under-rated. It feels like something that existed ages ago. The feel of … More Letter Writing

Hanging in there

The thing about hanging in there and holding on to something, anything is that no one tells you just how seemingly impossible and difficult some days may seem. Living through a pandemic while hearing unpleasant news, watching sufferings at close quarters and holding on yourself, your loved ones; going through it as if it’s just … More Hanging in there

Stop and Stare

Stop and stareAt those unwinding roads,The beams of sunlight playing hide and seekThe birds you hear but can’t see,The winds that blow your hair,At the gurgling river,The dry leaves that rustle past youThe sounds of soft thunder before a rainfall Stop and stare at thoseIn unabashed joy That’s all you have to do while you … More Stop and Stare

A Holi Story

You remember the day you walked into my life; it was a day of the color teal or so I would like to believe. So true to yourself, your being, you were the burst of rejuvenating waterfall my parched soul was waiting for. Slowly you merged into various shades of many hues that I lost … More A Holi Story

Why I Smile

They ask me why I smile. I smile because at times I cannot believe how far I have come,From what was and what is. It is strange how every day seems mundane but when you look back so much has changed.It is, maybe in the little things. Just like how the earth revolves and rotates, … More Why I Smile