Ball of Fire

Emotional investment, if one sided is like playing with a ball of fire. You won’t know when it will burn you, if it will or maybe it won’t and if it does then how severe would the burns be? Would your scathe yourself or would a part of you burn to the point of no … More Ball of Fire

In my head

In my head, you and I never parted ways, In my head,you and I have no secrets left to unearth in a maze. In my head, you and I have bared our souls In my head, we are watching the sunset holding on to tiny rays of hope In my head, we are laughing so … More In my head

The fraction

I don’t recall the exact fraction you ceased to exist. Was it the minute I pulled away from your embrace or was it when I was staring at nothingness, hoping what I felt wasn’t true. You did cease to exist though in a manner that the waves crashes towards shore, rushing to touch one another. … More The fraction

Letter Writing

I will get straight to the point. I love letters. I love handwritten notes. I feel life is incomplete without them. While I love the charm of social media, letters have always had a special place in my heart. Letter writing is so under-rated. It feels like something that existed ages ago. The feel of … More Letter Writing

The Awakening

The fragmented tales migrate in and out of his mind The memories of what was and what is and what can be They twirl, they scoop down secrets like an eagle swooping on his prey The past, present and future camouflage in buried emotions The patterns weaving from a chain of thoughts Awakening him from … More The Awakening