Ball of Fire

Emotional investment, if one sided is like playing with a ball of fire. You won’t know when it will burn you, if it will or maybe it won’t and if it does then how severe would the burns be? Would your scathe yourself or would a part of you burn to the point of no … More Ball of Fire

Love in Completion

One powerful emotion that keeps one going on all days is “love” – love in hope, love during tough days, love when things look bleak, love when life looks beautiful- a little surrender, a bigger dream nestling deep inside.Love : in friendships, for a lover, family, love for what you do, love for nature, love … More Love in Completion

Letter Writing

I will get straight to the point. I love letters. I love handwritten notes. I feel life is incomplete without them. While I love the charm of social media, letters have always had a special place in my heart. Letter writing is so under-rated. It feels like something that existed ages ago. The feel of … More Letter Writing

A Holi Story

You remember the day you walked into my life; it was a day of the color teal or so I would like to believe. So true to yourself, your being, you were the burst of rejuvenating waterfall my parched soul was waiting for. Slowly you merged into various shades of many hues that I lost … More A Holi Story

Love in subtlety

In those quiet moments, unseen and unproclaimed, love made a quiet entry Watching the setting sun and the thousand stars that later illuminated the skies The moment passed them by, long ago when the eyes deceived the intentions of the heart. Poets blamed the beautiful sunset not realizing that love made a subtle entry long … More Love in subtlety