In my head

In my head, you and I never parted ways, In my head,you and I have no secrets left to unearth in a maze. In my head, you and I have bared our souls In my head, we are watching the sunset holding on to tiny rays of hope In my head, we are laughing so … More In my head

Orbiting the Sun

Canvassing the world in search of something familiar That, which will make you stop orbiting the sun, In search of lost souls, you have met ages ago. The day you and I meet again, and the day you and I decide to stay Vainly in search of what is pure, unknown, untouched; The day we … More Orbiting the Sun

Dear Instagram

Here is a poem I wrote for ‘Instagram‘ 🙂 You sit quietly waiting and watching me with your piercing eyes Teasing me with your colourful tone You mock at me while I strive to ignore your pries Why do you do this to me, I silently groan And now you beseech me with soulful whimpering … More Dear Instagram

Flying Home

Skies painted in orange hues Soon the sun would hide in his mother’s womb Time for the velvety moon to come by Sharing his dreams to every passer by Sunset beckons unwinding of day All worries can now be kept at bay Time passes by with the ticking of the clock, And I see them … More Flying Home

The Awakening

The fragmented tales migrate in and out of his mind The memories of what was and what is and what can be They twirl, they scoop down secrets like an eagle swooping on his prey The past, present and future camouflage in buried emotions The patterns weaving from a chain of thoughts Awakening him from … More The Awakening


They crash to the rocks, waving back and forth like an enigma As if trying to reach me but failing every time, yet never giving up I watch them play the game of hide-and -seek with me My lips smile through my tear stained face Was the roaring of the waves louder than the roar … More Rebirth