Orbiting the Sun

Canvassing the world in search of something familiar That, which will make you stop orbiting the sun, In search of lost souls, you have met ages ago. The day you and I meet again, and the day you and I decide to stay Vainly in search of what is pure, unknown, untouched; The day we … More Orbiting the Sun


My nose tingles at almost all kinds of smell, but especially for some special ones. Special would be petrichor or maybe the smell of good old books. Tanned pages that have lost their youth but still keep the well-hidden secrets of a language. Neatly printed words, varying fonts, but each so unique and special to … More Bibliosmia

Voiceless Love

A random thought that hit me – how would the ones not blessed with the ability of speech love. Music maybe? Isn’t music an universal language of a soul. So here is something I typed down with this thought…… In silence they spoke a language, many centuries old In music they pieced together their souls … More Voiceless Love


They crash to the rocks, waving back and forth like an enigma As if trying to reach me but failing every time, yet never giving up I watch them play the game of hide-and -seek with me My lips smile through my tear stained face Was the roaring of the waves louder than the roar … More Rebirth