Book Review : The trees told me so

Have you ever read a book and wondered why this book never crossed your path earlier? That’s exactly how I felt flipping through the pages of this one. While I have read very few compilation of short stories, this one book is a complete winner. Rich, poignant, sensitive, emotional – it is all of this and more. The author, Purva Grover covers 11 short stories in this book and each one is better than the next. This is her debutante book and it’s definitely a must-read. Her stories have a common theme of trees witnessing various incidents, life stories of each character that is etched out with great detailing. I loved the concept and also the thought process. What is also commendable is the characters in the book – each one is a stark contrast, comes from different backgrounds, cultures, thinking and that only adds to the charm. Her sensitive portrayal totally adds to the emotion that each character experiences. If you are a lover of short stories, do grab this one.

PS: PS- I tried hard to find the author on social media but couldn’t so if any of you do, please do tag her. She certainly deserves the acknowledgement of this wonderful read.

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