This little cup of coffee

As it touches my lips, the smell invigorates my senses while the hot concoction slightly burn my lips. As I sip it, now greedy to know this aroma better; a hot, creamy, strong flavour greets me with childish warmth. This is clearly a magic brew, set aside only for a chosen few. As it glides through my throat, I feel fuzzy like a hug from an old, dear friend. It is comforting, the grasp not too tight nor too lose, just enough to hold me the way I need to be held.

I remember running my fingers on this warm ceramic surface; it was a cold wintery day, my spirit adorned the charm of a gifted happy child who discovered a hidden treasure. And just like that, in a few minutes, this hot cup of coffee changed my mood.

Can anything be better than this little cup of perfection?

One fake candid click with a genuine cup of coffee that stirred the writer in me!

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